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Do you think I have a chance with this asian girl (pics included)?
haha, made you look.

BQ: Do you think questions like "Do I have a chance with this (insert race) person" are annoying?
For me looks don't don't matter, you can date anyone you want to weather it is your race or not. I'm white and both of my exes are hispanic girls. The only thing that matters is if you love the person and the person loves you back.
Styling hair for a asian girl? pics.. lol?
lol typical asian..
well i dont know
if i should
get like front bangs with a fringe or keep the side bangs
You would look so beautiful with front bangs, because it frames your face.
Can u link me some Blond asian girls pics?
i want to see some asian girls with blond hair,my friend is asian and she decided to go blonde. I want to look at some blonde asian girls pics, to give her my advise.
Here you go, you pathetic little midget:
Is 200 lbs to fat for a asian girl? pics included....?………
actually i wiegh more but im not telling im kinda tall and had 2 guys so thats what i look like now?
I dont want to be mean. but honestly you need to loose about 100lbs.. Most asian girls I know are short and weight about 100-110lbs. but since ur kinda tall Id say at least 120-130lbs. not much more.
What's your favorite Asian girl hairstyle (pics)?
short boyish:…

short n' choppy:…



"doll" bowl cut:…

long straight & parted:…

i know there's alot more, but these are some popular ones...
i like the third one.the thing is that asians look really cute in any hairstyle. i love thier eyes.
Who Is the Prettiest Asian Girl (With Pics)?



I choose the Chinese girl. She's really cute in that picture.
Chinese because Chinese people appeal to me more and she looks more bright and pinky!
Where can i find pretty asian girls pics?
anybody knows a blog thats updated daily and posts pics of pretty asian girls? i want to see both asian celebrities and unknown pretty girls as well. thanks!
idk asian hairstyle websites.
Asian Girl Mullet???pics?
Does anyone have any pictures to show to the hairdressr. This hairstyle is like layered hair, it's kind of short and puffy at the top, but long at the bottom. Any pictures please.
Is this it ? check this pic out .…
My bf likes looking at Asian sexy girls pics, but I am an Asian. What should I do?
My bf is a westerner, I am an Asian girl. We met each other in Asia. We've been together for few years. He told me he wants to be with an Asian girl because he likes their nice small bodies. He says he is not interesting in western women any more. He says Asian girls are more attractive to him.

I always find sexy Asian girls pics on his computer. Lots of different girls pics with sexy lingerie on. He downloaded them and put them on his desktop. I don't usually go on his computer. But when I go to use his computer, I always find those pics. It really hurts me. We always fighting for that too. It happens for years too. I don't know how long I can take this.

I am an Asian girl, but he looks at other Asian girls pics. I am a good looking girl with small body too. It makes me think I am not attractive to him anymore. Every time I asked him why he is doing that, he told me because he is horny and I don't have sex with him for a week. But it's not true. We do have sex every two days,and sometimes every 3 days. And I wear sexy lingerie if he wants me too. Even we have sex every day, he still likes looking at girls pics. He likes looking at them. He doesn't think it is a big deal for a guy to look at other girls pics.

What should I do? Is it normal for guys to look at other girls sexy pics? Is it really my fault? I am really not impressed when I found out he looks at other girls pics.

PS when we are in Asia walking on the streets, he always looking at beautiful girls too. He says he is not just look at girls but also their clothes too. He says he just like styles. But he didn't care how I feel about that. Sometimes he talks about girls with me, but most time I really don't want to talk about it. Because I want my man pay attention to me not other girls.
since he likes small bodies it's likely he has a stash of guy porn on there too somewhere
Can anyone send me some pics of what would be a good hair style for an asian girl?
I have chin length, black hair. I want to do something different with it that'll make it look punkish, but i need to be still able to tie it up in a ponytail. =\ can anyone help me? or send me pics?…………

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