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Big girls in tiny bikinis: who's right me or him?
OK this q is NOT intended to offend anyone else in the shapely department it's kinda to help settle an argument. I am hefty and dont feel there should be ANY reason for me(or honestly most other "extremely well rounded' women) to wear a BIKINI(if i found a tankini that wouldnt budge that'd be a diff story i suppose) My significant other.. feels i'm being TOO self concious. i do admit i wear things that cover my hips because of scarsfrom when i was little i have that i'm self concious of(always have been) AND i would prefer to swim in pants and a tshirt BUT about the 2 piece thing... i personally dont think MOST women who are "extremely well rounded" should(im sure its a self loathing thing whatevs its not like i stop people on a beach and say..."you cant wear that") and i feel over exposed in a one piece the fact that they do is only assisting my SO in his persuasstion attempts" there are tons of other wayy bigger than you in bikinis"

basicly i say your lucky i'm even considering a bathing suit because i'd rather swim in a shorts and a T

HE says You should wear a 2 piece of some sort

who's right?
ok well there is no right and wrong. if youre uncomfortable then YOURE uncomfortable! its YOUR body not his.

if hes avid on a 2 piece.. i suggest a large t shirt with a bikini top underneath and boy shorts for bottoms. or board shorts. theyre liek shorts for swimming theyre GREAT and you can find them at walmart for cheap. but remember to wear bikini bottoms underneath lol

do what makes YOU happy and you can tell HIM to can it. and if he wants a 2 piece so bad he can wear one.

ok well maybe not.. but just tell him that youre not comfortable wearing a bikini because you feel too exposed and tell him that you wont change your mind and that he can just stop wasting his time. :]
Why do girls wear bikinis?
I know people shouldn't be ashamed of their bodies, but why aren't woman embarrassed to be almost completely naked in front of strangers. I go to the beach and see young girls in tiny bikinis. i can see their butt cheeks and camel toes. I have 4 brothers so I know how men think. they think about sex constantly and are very visually stimulated. Why doesn't the thought of a stranger thinking of them sexually disgust them.
Because it looks sexy as they are bare from hip/half buttock to toe! and thir arms and stomach are also fully revealed so it turns many guys on. If you wear a bikini, it will even turn your 4 brothers on.
Your thoughts on little girls in bikinis?
i was at the beach with some friend sand there guys and there was this 5 or 6 year old in a bikini and im not talking about the tank and shorts im talking about a tiny bikini and when she would come back to the blanket part of her top was half off. her mother would see it and say nothing.
what are your thoughts on young girls in two piece bikinis?
I don’t think it’s all that appropriate. My stepdaughter’s mother would pack bathing suits for her when she’d come to visit and I would usually go and buy her another suit because my husband and I didn’t like the ones that were being sent. They were barely pieces of fabric covering this little guy. She was 3-4 yrs old at the time and her bathing suit was only a flower petal over each little boob of hers and it was a strap going all around. I’m sorry but she’s already adorable and beautiful and we don’t need anything else drawing attention to her. Of course it’s cute sometimes, but what about all those sickos out there? What is it teaching the guys?

My stepdaughter is now 5 yrs old and feels she MUST wear short skirts and spaghetti strap tanktops. Or high heeled shoes. I’m not saying that her bathing suit that she wore when she was 3 was the reason from it, but I also don’t think it helps her perspective at all either.

Just my opinion, but when I have a little girl, she’ll be wearing a regular bathing suit like all the other girls.

** ADD **

If it wasn't acceptable they wouldn't make them?? LOL! What planet are you from? I live in the US and you can get just about anything, appropriate or not, any time you want.
What do you think of young girls 5-11 years old, wearing skimpy bikinis?
I went to a party and saw a very young girl in a tiny tight bikini and idk... I stared in shock.
Idk if that's okay or not, but I freaked a little. I never wore something like that when I was that little, and I'm 17...

What do you think?
Well, I don't think they have anything to show, so I don't mind.
Does Notre Dame not get top recruits anymore because the weather sucks and the girls aren't hot?
Would any top recruit in their right mind choose Notre Dame over USC or Florida?

I think they'd have to be insane to pass up the hot girls in their tiny little bikinis all year round

Agree or disagree?
Notre Dame was attractive to recruits in the 80's and early 90's because of there exclusive contract with NBC to show all there games on tv. Thus giving there recruits a spotlight other schools couldn't.
Over the past 15 years ESPN, other cable outlets,as well as the major networks have expanded there coverage, thus giving all schools a spotlight for there players.
Do all women wear Thong bikinis swimsuit in Brazil (Tibau do sul, near Natal)?
Hi, im sorry the question sounds a bit stupid.. but Im a jealous type of girl and im going to holiday to Brazil about a couple of weeks. The place I go is Tibau do Sul (near Natal). I have seen some pictures of Brazilian girls in tiny thong bikinis and have some questions;

* Do all women wear a thong swimsuit / bikini? Or like 50% (the other ones brazilian style, tanga?)
* Are Brazilian girls a bit jealous on the beach (if they go with their boyfriends)?
* Do they wear EXTREME styles like SHEER thongs (so u can see Everything???)

Thank u sooooo much! And please be nice 2 me :)
Women there do wear thongs, but mostly string bikinis. They don't wear one-piece suits or tankinis. Sheer thongs are for porn stars, not typical beachwear in Brazil either. I don't know if girls there get jealous. Just make sure you wear some sort of bikini, it doesn't matter what kind of shape your body is in.
Why can girls wear revealing clothes and guys can't???
O.K heres my point,I've seen posts asking do girls like speedos,Do girls like tight jeans, and the answer from most is eeewww gross.
Girls can wear bikinis,Girls can wear tight jeans,Girls can wear tiny thongs that show in thier low rise jeans.But why can't a guy show off his body too.When us guys are turned on by revealing clothes, aren't girls turned on as well??? I have a hard time accepting the fact that girls arent at all turned on by speedos or tight jeans.That must mean they aren't turned on when were naked,Right??? I wouldn't want to see a girl wearing shorts that come down to their knees on the beach!! This makes no sense at all.Please explain,And if you do like like it, please admit it.
Guys haven't got anything worth revealing
Why do guys not like 'bigger' girls?
Okay, I am pretty depressed right now wondering why the guys around me or many guys in general don't like bigger girls? I am not huge but I am by no means the tiny petite girl in a bikini. I have always had a problem with my weight ever since I was a little girl. I have been told it was genetic and runs in my family but it still hurts me inside. How do I get over this depression about the way I look? I have tried every diet possible and none of them seem to work. We (bigger girls) are amazing people, we can do anything a tiny girl can do, and we need love and attention too. I guess my main reason for the depression is that I can't seem to find a guy that is interested in 'bigger' girls? Why is this? Why are guys only interested in the "barbie doll" girl?
I think that more guys than you may think like healthy looking girls. Maybe it doesn't seem that way, but I promise you, there are guys out there who know you are wonderful :)

I think with the magazines and Hollywood pushing super-thin, some guys get the wrong idea that the perfect girl is a size zero. They fail to realize though that even the super models are being airbrushed in those pics, and on tv they have makeup artists and the lighting filtered so they don't see their flaws. Not all guys fall for that though, thankfully.

You don't want one of those superficial guys for a boyfriend anyway. Far better to hold out for that someone special who will appreciate you for who you are, and I promise you, there are many guys out there who are not in awe over the uber-thin Barbies out there.
Why do obese women wear tiny swimsuits?
I was at South Beach the other day. Everywhere you go there are gorgeous THIN girls in bikinis. Then, all of a sudden this group of about 12 really obese women came walking down the beach in tiny bikinis. They must have weighed about 300 lbs each. It was gross!
some like the attention and others are just comfortable with their size.

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