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If men have big feet what does that mean?
If men have big feet what does that mean?
okay i heard if men have big feet they have a big dick to lol! is it true i also heard if you measure a mans thumb to first finger area that is approx guid to how big his dick will be?! lol is it true??

my man is a size 10 in shoes lol! have not got in bed with him lol
It means the bones in his feet extend from the heel to the toe in a size that is considered above average.

And size 10 is not big.

And all the wives tales to determine the size of a man's penis without actually measuring it are fallacy. If they were all true, only ugly men would pack it large.

*Thinks of Ron Jeremy*

Ok, that analogy may be somewhat flawed.
Ladies and gayboys in your vast experience do masculine men have the biggest *****!?
By Masculine I mean dominant looking possibly handsome big jaw beady eyes naturally broad and muscled hairy with a deep voice!

Do feminine guys ever have big willies?
If a guy acts "masculine & hard", he's probably trying to make up for shortfalls in other areas - like genitals.

A guy that has no problem with his genitals doesn't need to act masculine, so I would say, if anything, the non-masculine guys are likely to be the most well endowed.
If men have big feet what does that mean?
okay i heard if men have big feet they have a big dick to lol! is it true i also heard if you measure a mans thumb to first finger area that is approx guid to how big his dick will be?! lol is it true??

my man is a size 10 in shoes lol! have not got in bed with him lol
it's all wrong. there is no way to tell unless you're looking at it. i've dated guys with huge feet ,very tall, all that and it doesn't mean anything. believe me.
Women don't seem to know what they really want except a men with a big phallus?
Not to mention I am too damn short for a male 5'5'' and i have a smaller than average penis....and i think the biggest curse of all is that im goodlooking. I mean....its like being in the middle you have the somwhat the ablility to have a good gf and make a good life....but at the same time.....everyone is putting you down and judging. And not to mention the penis makes it worse. I really want to just go get run over by a car or just kill civilians and kill all women or something before i get shot. I mean...christ...i can please anyone to say they really enjoyed it....its like im going to be tolerated for my existence and my penis. I want to kill....i want to see women die and men with thier big ***** get chopped off. I really am anxious to die because i never wanted this body or this mind.

Sometimes i think God is possibly some cruel funny guy who does this to us for no good reason that we can remember. I mean why would he create shemales for and quadrapegics for christs sakes. I want women to die with thier huge dildos in thier anus.

The women who would tolerate me would not like having sex with me because im just to small. I feel as though my personality and confidence will never make up for this. Even lowering my standards....and i still wont please women sexually the way I WANT. I want. Penis enlargement doesnt work.
Mate you need to calm down and relax. Forget about all your other issues, if your thinking about killing people because of your own misfortune then you need some serious help.

Sometimes you just have to work with what you've got and no matter how angry you get, it's not going to solve your problems.

"Worry about being better, bigger will take care of itself." -Gary Comer
Thoughts on dream interpretation about naked gay men in the shower with big *****?
Okay so i had a long complex dream but the only part i couldn't interpret was this; i was taking an intimate shower with this girl i have a crush on. This group of men came in and started taking a shower next to us. They all had HUGE *****, like massive. The farthest one, or the one closest to me was looking at me so i turned and bent over and kissed the end of his dick, ya no suggesting i wanted more. and he was like "im gay" then turned away. when i turned back the girl i was taking the shower with got really pissed off and left me. What do you think all of this meant? I guess i would say im pansexual. if that helps, and im only 16.
As a male, I often find the dreams of females to be uninterpretable.

I note that a truly gay man is "safe" for females, but why was he looking at you? (ask him). Was he bi?

Perls Frederick Perls…

"You are the broken down car, you are the bridge, and you are the dusty book. Perls rejects the notion that dreams are part of a universal symbolic language. He believes that each dream is unique to the individual who dreams it.

In order to discover what aspect of yourself is being disowned, Perls believes that it is important to retell your dream in the present tense and act it out accordingly. It is important to verbalize how each and every component in your dream felt, even inanimate objects. Reenact the dream and take on the role of the different characters and objects. Start a dialogue with the dream object and express how you felt toward each other. By taking on a different role within your dream and reenact it, you may then be able to acknowledge and realize feelings that you may have overlooked or buried. Your dream literally comes alive"

More about dream interpretation is at… (see page 2 re bi/lesbian chat & advice on coming out) but we are both males, so you may benefit from reading a number of PSYCHOLOGICALLY BASED (not mystic mumbo jumbo) books by females. I read one good one, decades ago. Try the searchbars at & and/or a Google search: "dream interpretation; books; female"

Psychologists, anthropologists, psychiatrists, ethnologists, and historians generally agree that around 10% of people are born with a strong heterosexual bias; 10% strongly homosexual, and the rest of us are basically bisexual, with ultimate sexual expression largely determined by societal, and peer group pressures. Check out…

You may be a female who needs to try some different options before deciding what your preference is.
Why don't men with small members just disappear from the human gene pool?
Why a big penis is better:
-Its girth and width provides alot of friction against my vaginal lips, and the stimulation is incredibly pleasing as a result!
-Its length penetrates me deeply so that way all parts of my vagina are being stimulated.
-The girth and length combine to create a feeling of fullness in my vagina that is almost unmatched!
-In my expierence, a man with a long, thick penis has harder erections-which adds even more friction and stimulation against my vaginal lips and creates an even more pleasurable sensation! And also, because a man lasts longer in bed when his erection is harder, well endowed men with there rock-hard erections last longer than less endowed men!
-Also in my expierence, men who are well endowed can shoot out semen faster then men who are less endowed. I can't explain why, but I but men with big ***** tend to be "shooters" while men with small ***** tend to be "dribblers." Seeing a man "shoot" his load is in itself a huge turnon, but feeling all that warm, thick semen rapidly fill up my vagina as I'm completely filled up by his large penis just makes me lean my head back and let out cries of ecstacy and passion!!! To me, THIS is the ULTIMATE sexual feeling!
-A big penis is more pleasurable from an oral standpoint as well. There's just more flesh to suck and lick, and I love getting a nice creamy treat at the end of it all!

The only "con" that could come out of a big penis is if it is so big that it starts to hurt, and even then, a woman would have to have a very small pussy or just isn't wet enough in order for that to happen. But with me, my vagina is average sized (6 inches deep, 2 inches wide), and I'm ALWAYS wet enough, so I can take any penis 9 inches long or less and 7 inches thick or less with no problem!

If you want to know why a short, thin penis just doesn't work, take every reason why a long, thick penis is so great and flip it around.

There are NO pro's to a small penis! They just provide LITTLE to NO SOURCE of stimulation and pleasure! Without a doubt, penis size matters, and the bigger it is, the better sex becomes!
as a man who is too big, let me tell you, that I would much rather be too small than too big. At least hwen someone is too small, they can still have sex, and pass on their genes.

just because you think penis size is such a significant trait in humanity, doesn't mean you are right. Penis size is 1 factor. a stupid factor. For some woman, a big penis might feel better. They might prefer it. but it is rarely a deciding factor in a mate. Thats like guys who like big breasted woman. He might fall in love with a girl with an average chest, and he wouldn't care, because it's not the deciding factor.

also, I don't think any woman would actually be this devoted to telling people on the internet bigger penises are better. You are a guy, trying to get your kicks someway.
I'm a straight guy and I enjoy dating women, but I feel attracted to a big dick. Id never date men. What am i?
I am a straight guy almost addicted to sex and pleasing women. I love a woman's body and every little curve about it turns me on. I jack off probably 4 times a day, even when I have sex I still usually do it once or twice. When i watch porn gay porn turns me off. Lesbian stuff turns me on. But mostly I like seeing a man with a big dick and a beautiful girl and I wish I could be there and have sex with her but watch him with her as well, and maybe just grab his dick, but not suck it or anything else. Wtf is with me? Im also grossed out by men kissing or having sex, etc. What am i...
Heteroflexible. :)
How could the tallest man in the world have sex with the woman if he has a big penis/dick?
since the hormones dont stop growing, all parts of the body of that man gets bigger.. I can't imagine how he could make love witha a women with a big cock. I research some tall men who reach the height of 7 ft.- 8 ft. or almost 9 ft- 10 ft. already and I saw comments from others who ask just like this question..Im just curious...
Frequently, tall or very tall men have a small penis.

The height of a man is no indication of penile size. I've seen some tall guys in the locker rooms with very small penises, and short men with some large ones.

Penile size varies from individual to individual.
(By the way, circumcision always makes the penis smaller--when you remove material from any object; that object is smaller)
Is it true that black men have bigger penises and the women have bigger boobs?
I'm black too so don't think I'm racist because when I'm in the locker room I notice my ***** bigger than all the white guys (NO RACISM INTENDED) and the black girls boobs are bigger in the school i don't know if its because we're so young with puberty and all that. But I want an answer please!
No, that's not true at all. Did you know the biggest penis in the entire world is on a white man?
jonah falcon's penis is 13.5 inches and is the biggest in the world. he is from new york.
also, there are many women who say that the have been with black men and they don't have big penises at where does everyone get this from? it's not true.

boobs......women who are bigger/overweight have bigger boobs. it doesn't matter if they are black or white or mexican, etc. maybe you have a lot of heavy women in your school that are black. black women tend to be more overweight.

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