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Teen Sex....?
If for some reason, it was impossible to get an STI/STD or get pregnant before you were an adult, would you be as against teen sex? Why or why not?

(I'm not giving my opinion on anything, I just want to know yours)
Sex is not just mutual acrobatics in bed, and it shouldn't be about just scratching an itch. Any animal can do that, from an amoeba up to, and including humans.

Having sex should be at the culmination of a relationship, not the start of one. Unfortuantely, for most teenagers, one date is a relationship, these days. The idea of waiting to get to know someone for at least a year, if not more, before sharing sex with them, is a completely foreign idea. A teenage relationship tends to "stall" when sex is introduced -- it's hard to get past the "let's do it, wherever, whenever we can't get caught!" thrill of physical sex, and do the dirty work of actually developing a relationship. It teaches a dependence on the physical, and shys away from relationship building.

I don't think I object to teenagers having sex, per se -- I just think that most of them go about it the wrong way. "If it feels good, do it," is an extremely undisciplined way to go through life. It's not good when it comes to alcohol, it's not good when it comes to weed, it's not good when it comes to drugs, and it isn't good when it comes to sex.
Teen sex!!!?
Have you ever thought that saying to teens not to drink and to have un-protected sex is going to make them do it even more?
no because it is your own decision and if you go and do something stupid like that you have to live with it.....wait for the right person dont give yourself up to anybody just to get at someone!
Teen; sex.?

ive seen this boy around for awhile because he goes out with a girl in my school, but weve never talked. Now were talking and weve been talking for about 3 weeks now...

last night we were talking about having sex. im not a virgin anymore, and i like him and he likes me.

so is it okay i have sex with him?
do you think ill regret it?
is it a bad idea?
I don't think it's okay to have sex with a guy who already has a girlfriend. You could start a lot of drama that way, and everyone will hear about it, and you don't want to get a bad reputation. It's also not completely safe. If you absolutely must have sex with this guy I can't stop you, and I know you've probably heard this 930214218 times before...but please use protection!
What was the webcam site shown on the third episode of The Joy of Teen sex on channel 4?
What was the webcam site shown on the third episode of The Joy of Teen sex on channel 4?
During this episode, the journalist Billie was trying to earn money on a webcam chat site. Did anybody see it and know which site it is?
If you are looking to do this, I would try Flirt 4 Free. I don't know which one they used in the show, but F4F can generate big earnings fast. I am on it and make over $1000 every 2 weeks. The site has an easy to use interface, there are tons of customers.

I have been on there for a few months after trying first on LiveJasmin (HUGE tech issues all the time, not paying everything - nothing but issues). F4F has a community feel with the performers. The models have forums and can go to each other for help and support. The customers pay very generously on the site. Tehre are contests, icentives, and the overall feeling like they want you to succeed.

If you are thinking about trying it, DO IT. As long as you are friendly and patient you will do fine. You don't even have to be hot. I'm not and I'm in the top 10% of performers. That comes from making the customers feel good. And you need to be patient. You don't make money right away. It takes a week or so for the customers to get to know you and feel comfortable with you.

Here's where you sign up if you are into trying it https://www.5pointsmodels.com/?idev_id=163
Teen SeX!?!?!?!?!?
my cousin<15>lost it last month to her boyfriend of 8 months "wow dats long" ah NO...all my ex bestfrenz lost it and we're only freshmans <14> all the 8th graders in the middle skool alreadly lost it<13> and done such nastier wat is going on i mean wow and dis guy dat wanted to go out wit me was sayin i was gone loose it to him i said no and wanted to keep it to the rite "one" and he said its not like that ne more am i de only teen dats still a virgin?
Im proud of you for saying no! If he is that forward and disgusting with you imagine how many other girls he has been with and all the diseases that are going around your school! ... stick to your guns because nothing is more gross than a girl that spreads it around like its nothing...
What are some things that could be done to lower Teen Sex?
What are some things that you think are NOT being done, that could be done, to lower teen sex rates, and thus the physical effects of teen sex?
Increase popular opinion that sexual immorality is a disgrace?

Make aware of the disease rates, and the knowledge that there are 'super bugs' out there?

Show examples that sexual immorality is the start of the down-fall of a young life, - even without a pregnancy?

Allocate the sufficent authority between parents and offspring?

Denounce popular culture media as counter-productive to the welfare of young-lives futures?
Do you think if teen sex was less publicised it'd be less likely to happen?
If the media wasn't so focused on teen girls getting pregnant do you think teens would have sex/get pregnant as much? Reasons please!
i think the media has made it ok for them too. and our schools when i was in school they started putting out condoms in the nurses office and wow like a month after alot of girls found out they were pregnant. and yes teens do like to rebeal. i know that. but for me when i was a teen my reason was i was looking for someone to love me but turned to all the wrong places. i think us moms and dads have let down our guys. i never see dads spending times with their daughters, girls need that bond. just like boys need a bond with their mother. if we dont show them how to love the right way this is what happens right now every one is so busy with keeping up with the jones and wanting every thing and buy their guys every thing that we dont take the time and spend time with them instead we just spend money on them and say that is good enough when it is not. we need to step up the plate and fit it but we dont want to hurt they feelings and tell them it is bad we just say oh be safe wear a condom if u ask any one in the army u will see that a condom doesnt always work. last year we had over 2,000 babies born in one year. my son was one of them.
What are good teen sex romance novels?
I'm looking for good teen romance sex novels. Novels that have good descriptive sex scenes but still tie together romance. I have read Twilight, House of Night, all of Sarah Dessen's novels and I am stuck. I've read some adult books but their plots are boring. Relationships close to my own age are more appealing to me.

If you have any suggestions please let me know! Thanks a lot! :)
kay, i looove these books they're sooooooo good!
the sisterhood of the traveling pants! the actually book books, NOT the movie books, there are four of them they are amazing i love them so much, they're from like 3 years ago but awsome.
theres a huge sex scene in teh fourth(last) book but you gotta read alll them in order, TRUST me theyre awsome LOL!!!!!
What was that program/ website the girl used to make money via cam on the program called The joy of teen sex?
I watched the joy of teen sex and on it was a girl who was showing that teens can make money using something with there cam, it was a system where people sent point to the person on cam and so many point = so much money, does anyone know what that is called the site or program? thanx xxx p.s. i need it cos i badly need money lol.
If you need money and are over 18 you should try Live Jasmin.


I am online there and have made up to $1000 in 2 weeks. I needed money badly too. Once I signed up and got going on here I was able to pay off my 2 credit cards from Christmas and go on some shopping trips. :)

But, I will tell you right away you can not just log on and get money. You have to build relatinships with the people who vidit you so they like you and want to spend private time with you. My first 2 weeks I earned $305. So the money does not just come to you. It took me 3 months to build up to $1000 every 2 weeks. There are a lot of sites where you can do this, and they all promise huge money and what not. Yes, that is all possible, but stay realistic. You have to build up to that.

I generally work from 7 - 11 PM 4 days a week and have a strong enough base of regulars built up that I know I can easily make about $150 a day during those time frames. Some days I will work a little more, and sometimes I pop on in the weekend.

You can set your own prices - just don't go too high or you won't have visitors. I have found the $2.49 rate gets the best business.

It doesn't cost anythign to do it, so if you like it, cool. If not, you haven't lost anything. And you can block out countries so nobody you know will see you.

Good luck.
What are some good movies with teen sex?
So i wanna watch a movie in which the longtime teen couple has sex for the first time. i feel like thats a repeated plotline but i cant seem to find it.
A Serbian Film (2010)

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