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All Comments

What is average penis size for teens?
I am 13 and people at school always brag about how big their penis is I am wondering if I'm behind I am 3.75 length(erect) 2.5 flaccid, and 2.5 in girth?
don't worry your still growing, your only 13. it will get bigger
What is the average penis size for teens?
Like what is it supposed to be from like 13 yrs - 21 yrs
Average sizes-
13-5 1/3 inches
14-5 3/4 inches
15-6 inches
16-6 1/4 inches
17-6 1/4 inches
The penis is fully grown in a man's 17th year
Why are young make teens so obsessed with penis size?
I see often on y answers boys around 12 -15 asking about penis size. Is the idea of havin a big penis so engraved. Has it become a ideal of beauty to our guyren. as girls are pressured to look a certain way, is the big penis the male version of this? I wanna see your thoughts on this possible issue.
guys want a big penis, girls want big boobs... girls can change their breast size easier however,,, lol...
Why R so many teens asking about penis size & how tall will I be ?
There is nothing you can do about either of these. Most are in High school. Do they not take a gym class & shower together ?
I agree. I dont think I ever asked how tall I would be and my penis length I never really worried about. I am not saying I am huge and think my size has always been in the ok range from high school to now as an adult. Sure there are small one and big ones out there. There is nothing you can do to change the size of your penis or the height of you. Be happy with what you have I say.


PS... its also annoying the way so many males on here say "I am 14 and my penis is 9inches" and comments like that.
ok why do so many male teens ask about the size of their penis in men's health { age around 13 - 15] as puberty is just kicking in and it takes time for your body to grow.
because the silly little boys feel the need to tell everyone how big they are (usually exaggerated) or they feel insecure. Too much emphasis on sex now a days.
Whats the average penis size for teens?
Well im turning 16 in a week im just under 6 inches but i hear many guys my age saying that they have 7 and a half 8 inches and so on.
um.....i dont know wat the average size is bt i do know that guys lyk to lie about this stuff and jst show off so u shudnt believe evrything u hear
Why do teens lie about penis size?
So I'm doing an assignment for health in college, and I have to find a correlation between penis size and the age average, studies say that the average man is about 5"-7" long. I know this and have that data, But I also need to know why teen males lie about penis size, I go on many forums and articles, and there are a bunch of teens (12 yo, to about 17 yo) saying they have 8",9",10"+ penises. And I can't see to find articles about them lying.

Can anyone help?
Ha ha. A combination of everyone lies about it & not understanding measurements enough to have a concept of sizes to *realize* their lies aren't believable. Math fail, guydies.
Whats the avarage penis size for teens.?
My penis is 9 and 1/2 inches long.Is this to little or avarage,will it grow longer as i grow up
Are you sure you're measuring it right? check out the chart in the attached link.
Average penis size, teens (14)?
Loads of guys in my school brag about having 8 Inch penises.
Im 14.. and I know its not true.
I dont brag about mine..
Its just over 6 inches when erect.
No one believes me though.
If they have such big penises why wont they believe mine is 6?
I measured recently.. and found Im 6.2 inches length and a circumference of 5.3.
Is that average?
At your age you shouldn't be worrying about your silly penis.

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